Share Your Story

Your story is the most important thing you have to influence your mission, message, and movement to create the kind of income and impact you’re capable of.

When you share experiences about how your solutions make a difference, you stir curiosity and build value so that prospects want to learn more and are more likely to make the time to listen to a presentation. 

There are two stories we tell… learn the two types of stories in this episode….

The human mind loves to put things together in story form. It’s how we learn and process information. 

Facts Tell, Stories Sell. 

In this episode we invited everyone to submit a 2 minute product or business testimonial for our IGTV account. Check out the “Share Your Story” section of the Business Builders Guide

Practice and submit it holding your phone vertically for IGTV. Have good lighting and be compliant. Submissions can be uploaded to our Dropbox HERE

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speakers: Athena Waitt, Marie Castello, Robin Covey, Terri Pace