Exercise Relief - Survive And Thrive

Social withdrawal is ever increasing and we have been forced to live in a world where we have been shut down and locked up. 
It’s been a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E! 

It's hopeful to know that we do have resources to help! Exercise is a very supportive resource for mind, mood and health - including building immunity.

Exercise is a proven tool to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve low self-esteem and cognitive function. 

Our ancestors had to exercise in their daily life just to survive. For us, it now becomes a choice now as to whether we engage to keep us thriving. 

Hint: There are certain dōTERRA products that can promote healthy exercise and help you thrive!

Recognise the value of staying fit and make it a part of your daily lifestyle!

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speaker: Robin Dedekind, Hillary LaMay, Bernadette O'Donnell